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Post  A Hooded Swordsman on Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:27 pm

A large man covered by a leaf green cloak brushes past you in the street. You think nothing of it until you find a strange bit of paper in your pocket later that evening. You gently unfold it and read the short message.

For those of you who believe yourselves worthy of joining the ranks of the Ashan'an al'Rahien, read the following:

1. Membership is by invitation only.

2. Other affiliations are acceptable, but this clan must preside over them all.

3. All prospects are to be subjected to a one-on-one interview with all six original Council members.

4. Prospects are required to complete quests assigned to them by the original six. Quests may range from focus in RP, PK and zone knowledge, if not all completely.

5. The original six will decide the outcome of the probationary entrance period with a vote.

If you are reading this, then you were most likely directed here by one of our members, and have thus fulfilled the first requirement. Also, it means that your name has been mentioned on our forums, and you are currently being discussed. You will be notified within a two week period whether or not you will be allowed to continue with the joining process.

The message is signed in red wax, with the seal of the Ashan'an al'Rahien
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